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Buy a car to be duped long car difficult vehicle advocate read aloud dimension a
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To major customer, redemptive a new car, nature is glad. But if buy a car that come,give trouble again and again, very good maintenance is couldn't get after perhaps giving trouble, believe, the scarcely in your heart is met feel well.

Reporter from the province center of twelve thousand three hundred and fifteen command understands industrial and commercial bureau, as have car a group of things with common features gianter and gianter, about car respect complain with each passing day grow in quantity, came 16 days 3 days on March 14 only, this branch receives 16 about family expenses enginery complain, rank complain a quantity the 2nd, occupy the 8 % that complains sum total, and complain the problem basically is centered in car respect.

Case one: The car navigation system that just bought is bad

On November 3, 2007, consumer king gentleman is in big talk city of Nanhai highway some specializes in inn to purchase a value the east wind day of nearly 300 thousand produces a car. Shift a car that day, he discovers the navigation system of the car gave an issue, drive the car then answer this to specialize in inn to ask to undertake checking. Passing the staff member in inn to check ability to affirm repeatedly is navigation system bad, affirmatory change to him navigation system.

Mr Wang expresses, oneself buy this car to take a fancy to this car to distribute some navigation system namely at that time. Subsequently, mr Wang to twelve thousand three hundred and fifteen complain, below the mediation of industrial and commercial personnel, should specialize in inn to just change to him new navigation system.

Be versed in business personnel reminds: Consumer is in the spare parts situation that buys a car to should examine a car carefully at that time, if discover a problem, ought to stay the car, when after maintenance has been handled reassume car, all sorts of inaccuracy happen to decide an element after lest drive the car,going out.

Case 2: Indisposition goes out after the car maintains every time

Live in consumer Mr Xu in government office city to tell a reporter, his car every run 4 - 50 thousand kilometer is about Nanhai highway undertakes maintaining in inn of a 4 S, but after maintaining every time, he drives the car come out to be less than a hour, can appear all sorts of indisposition. After maintaining a few times recently, appeared continuously four-wheel fixed position forbids, Che Suozhong accuses the circumstance such as malfunction, although do not have direct proof,be this inn the staff member's reason, but why to maintain every time with respect to occurrence problem, mr Xu feels very odd.

Be versed in business personnel reminds: At present really some of maintenance shop uses this kind of method for tarry passenger source, consumer encounters this kind of situation, after can maintaining or been maintain, undertake debugging to the car together with the other side, test-drive, check and accept do not have a problem certainly later pay again, take a car.
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