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How does discovery covert decrease deserve to add valence car
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Push new can attract consumer eyeball, new car often can bring rich and generous profit to car manufacturer. In last few years new car appears on the market often look consumer is dazzlingly. As consumption capacity year after year rises, the car begins as in those days the mobile phone is same, one kind when become the identity symbolizes. And the car that drive is new, also became an item that a few consumer vie. Then, pay close attention to new car, chase new car, became the favorite of a batch of people. New car, also because this becomes manufacturer,one big gain is nodded.

As push new rate to accelerate, the problem that new car reveals also is added with each passing day much. Accept each case that complains an orgnaization to be placed in at the moment, be in make clear to us: All sorts of accepting in complaining, new car causes complain an amount increasing, consumer is taller and taller to new Che Yuansheng. Manufacturer relies on to push new car to covert rise in price; Alter small, a change in form but not in content; Price of new car sex is compared far as old money model... a lot of problem is following one by one. So, how is ability accurate identify new car whether " new " be worth? The expert instructs you a few court:

Comparative Laoche, notice whether new car still has the following configuration: Cup of annulus of lamp of door of box lock of lock of back row seat, baggage, front door, boot rope, front door wears shutter the design, armrest central is in 12V power source, postern ashtray, apply the brake double show tube of setting of function, dashboard adjustment of light and shade.

In addition, the key pays close attention to the following device whether shrink: Safe gasbag, whether to fall by original dual class to only course; CANBUS bus line, whether to do adjust; Loudhailer, whether to decrease by 6 original reach 4, or it is 8 are decreased reach 6; Whether does the brand of spare wheel change, by high-grade become cheap; Have along with the car give without fire extinguisher; Whether is driver's seat chair moved by automatic instead hand adjust; Among seat of in front of little 12V power source; Whether is CD machine put repeatedly by much dish become odd dish...

Although car price is reduced hind, manufacturer still wants to maintain certain profit to be able to be cost with sacrificial configuration, but if be brought about accordingly,appear often quality problem, endanger it is consumer interest not only, however person is safe. Steering wheel drops end of broken bits incident, car to sink, engine leakage is oily... the problem of mass of vehicle that appears often, make customer satisfaction is spent reduce ceaselessly. In addition, even if is the goal that reduces certain configuration to reduce cost in order to achieve, also should undertake on the base that makes investigation in utilization rate of the person that offset is expended. If cancel or the configuration of shrink is consumer customary use, or the window place that is a model, can be opposite directly the sale of this model produces an effect, bring about even arrive by sell like hot cakes slow-moving.
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