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The quality problem of core component is " common fault " the disaster that caus
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The quality problem of core component is " common fault " the disaster that cause

"3 · 15 " during, inferior city, medium the main car such as couplet, Ou Debao trades the market held large-scale customer interactive activity. The reporter visits investigation discovery, the complains main concentration to wait for core component in engine, transmission quality problem of consumer, enterprise and agency are irresponsible in after service, maintenance problem.

Consumer is mirrorred generally, when encountering quality problem dimension to counterpoise, acquisition speech right is very few, "Major car is put in this defect " the explanation that becomes one is assured and bold with justice of maintenance service station, the more common problem, consumer is more passive. Our newspaper reporter recorded a certain number of model consumer to mirror relatively of concentration " common fault " , a lot of experts appeal with consumer, before the quality problem of these much hair, there should be more dialogs and information semmetry between manufacturer, agency and consumer.

High-grade car

Ao Di A6

Gear-box breakdown is widespread

Be in boreal Ya Yun Cun car city, mr Chen reflects customer, the Ao Di car that buys two years ago, of in quick succession of gear-box interior spare parts bad, it is computer board first, it is input axis next, still have pilot valve case, around paid the upkeep costs of 30 thousand yuan of above. And Mr Chen discovers, oneself the Ao Di car of many friend also appears congener breakdown. Pilot valve box is Ao Di infinitely variable speeds (CVT) a in car gear-box important part, the automatic shift gears of car of Ao Di CVT works even if rely on body of a powerful person and hydraulic pressure oil to finish. And incidence of a disease of this one component is high, upkeep costs is high. An investigation that is aimed at 1380 Ao Di users shows, in common breakdown, CVT breakdown was occupied 12.4% , first what hold occurence rate of of all kinds breakdown.

320i of China morning BMW

Shift gears flameout

Inferior city numerous consumer points out, the 5 or so back door after be being fastened in 15 thousand kilometer has very much homebred BMW abnormal knocking, manufacturer also knows, but because be not had to safety of drive a vehicle,hinder greatly, do not have relevant solution. Beijing area has many 10 car recently advocate report, after 320i of China morning BMW buys the home a few days, with respect to discovery the car is in jockey block have flameout appearance, if jockey 10 minutes,control only with respect to flameout, still one part car advances block also flameout. 4S inn encounters same question for many times, below the circumstance that cannot find a reason and tries to eliminate, the explanation that gives customer is, the proposal fills neat price difference changes a 5 departments.

In high-grade car

Stride vacate

Put in leakage oily phenomenon

Bubbling with noise fast incident of the oil that vacate leakage is troubled by from last year this year, appear on the market time is not long stride vacate also did not find the solution on this problem it seems that. The oil that silence of quiet of ministry of gearshift one's store of valuables appears drips, the specific speed is vacated have add without decrease, let bellyful of complaint of a lot of consumer.
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