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Car product pledges quantity and service quality complain: Component changes the
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A few days ago, net of person of academy of project of car of committee of user of Chinese quality association, Tsinghua, car was released Chinese car product pledged quantity and service quality complain an analysis to report 2007.

Complain a state: Same question complains vehicle maintenance and repair for many times

From complain a circumstance to look, in be complained for many times, same question fails one-time solving still is to cause complained main reason for many times. Among them, the issue that involves product maintenance is solved rate is higher, and involve component to change, especially of main component change, solve periodic time to still grow quite.

After service quality basically undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation to 5 respects:

1. Staff technology: Can foster cordial relations between states the car or had maintained.

2. The service collects fees: The detailed pitch of quotation and employee explain a circumstance.

3. Attitude of attending to guests: Of the service spend cordially, the way that handles repair and program.

4. Fittings supplies: The quality that fittings supplies reachs effectiveness for a given period of time.

5. Other: Maintain time and affirmatory time contrast actually, maintenance detects equipment, berth and establishment of pass in and out, rest to wait for a circumstance with recreational establishment.

Complain a trend: To car a replacement complain rise apparent

1. To car abnormal knocking complain increase continuously, involved component includes engine, gear-box, shock absorber to wait.

2. To fittings dependability complain rise apparent, main show uses a process for the user in, the component of car product is maintained repeatedly, change, involve component to basically engine, gear-box, headlamp waits.

3. High-grade car is safe in be opposite of gasbag complain increase.

The analysis makes clear, the be anxiousing that causing an user to complain a reason basically is pair of safe hidden trouble and think product presence produces limitation.

From complain a circumstance to look, one-time solve rate photograph than having downtrend, reach 2 times for many times complain rise somewhat.

Special clew: Car consumer two great attentions

1. Buy car to had better choose a service the 4S shop with good, good public praise or agency, produce quality quantity to have not only assure, have profit to maintaining the control of cost in the future more, include fittings quality and maintenance level and maintenance time to wait.

2. Buy a car, maintain, maintenance receipt should be asked for after maintenance, save relevant record, the signature that there should be relevant branch chief on the record or affix one's seal, check in order to have in the future. (Cui Geng)