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Too tall adverse mainland changes car price research and development
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The development trend that if we discuss today, the problem is Chinese automobile industry and change bureau. Everybody thinks generally, china attributes rising market, still have certain difference with mature market. Mature market two big the most striking feature is low increase rate and high concentration are spent, chinese automobile industry carries higher increase rate a few this years, and concentration is spent still is not particularly tall. Looked at 2 o'clock from this, chinese market still may attribute rising market now, but a few main market features had developed to the direction of mature market, we are its definition " accurate mature market " . In by rising market to " accurate mature market " the industry that the phase of change discusses to appear possibly in the future runs greatly the bureau should be very significant.

Special today honor invites 4 experts, among them one is everybody's familiar Mr. Gu Xinguang, still have the expert bell division inside our course of study, additional two are " car business is commented on " magazine patriarch and chief editor Gu Ke, globalInsight automobile industry is high analyst Ceng Zhiling. The teacher plays special acknowledgment everybody today the discussion of the topic.

Matchless car: If this locality changes research and development in light of now, we are inscribed. We pursue " to take creed " on the model before, but the ceaseless maturity as the market, the demand of consumer also is rising ceaselessly. The model of Euramerican very much brand begins mainland to change course of research and development, can China go along a such road?

Gu Xinguang: The national condition of Chinese itself decided the otherness that mainland changes. For example Beijing and Guangzhou, the district difference of Shanghai and Xinjiang, Tibet. Additional, the west does not have the 80 formulations after, and the 80 demand of China after are very special. A lot of design styles of European also not quite the taste that accords with a Chinese, the demand difficulty that should take care of square field surface is very great. For example the adornment that North America likes heavy metal to feel character, chinese more deflection peach woodiness feels. A product, simple " takes creed " to be able to give an issue for certain, this changes development with respect to requirement mainland.

Ceng Zhiling: I think this locality of research and development is changed is a trend for certain for the model that leads to valueing the market to have and enterprise, but still have not little resistance at present. Chinese car price relatively American tower above 20% taller even, such regarding <> as cheap the advantage that produces base is not clear, also entered China to create an opportunity to foreign product, for example Ma Zida benefit imports channel to sell entrance horse to amount to model of 3 both sides oneself with one steam Ma Zida, its price is compared even homebred with level car even low, this can covert the enthusiasm that hits mainland to change research and development.
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