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The car maintains why seek far and neglect what lies close at hand
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As the end of Spring Festival big holiday, of the car after the section detect maintain will greet not small climax again. As a result of mostly car advocate maintain to the car understand not quite, because this is used to 4S station to detect,maintain, as we have learned, the each 4S inn of nearly a few days of Chengdu has begun to appear crowded, detect with convention especially among them the car that maintain is most, and the car that real need has maintaining wants compared with in former years little.

The controller of many 4S inn suggests, to do not delay overmuch time queueing up, car advocate had better call first make an appointment, perhaps miss this paragraph of fastigium to send check car again. In addition, for better convenient consumer, the chief that car of believe spirit law writes hairdressing quickly to interlink is special also remind, more than 30 when at present believe essence is in charge of repair hairdressing quickly to interlink a network to enclothe whole town basically already, and all chain store has level of unified advanced course quality, the car maintains detect the respect is to have top-ranking group more. Not only all storefront are capable to car is finished in 20 minutes or so detect, and after discovering fault, also can get seasonable major is repaired. In the meantime, if car needs manage compensate, the professional insurance that is set in service of spirit law car to interlink all storefront decides damage site, more the trouble that consumer of meeting leave out repairs bit of insurance company both ends to run