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How to treat car skin disease
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The word says dermatosis is opposite certainly sometimes life health causes menace, also do not cause what effect to daily activity of the person, special however nevertheless " sight of be a hindrance to " , a lot of people are very vexed to this, love beautiful woman especially. To the car same also, although of car lacquer a few " dermatosis " the performance that won't affect a car and safety, but look at however how uncomfortable, everybody is willing oneself love car " be marred by a scar " either. Below, we come to a few common kinds be aimed at a car " dermatosis " support a few move to you, the car that return love a pair of beautiful appearance.

Car lacquer oxidizes

Of sunshine all the year round illuminate is to shorten the main reason of car lacquer life. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can cause car coating oxidation finally. If automobile body still is hanging water when insolating below sunshine, the speed of that oxidation can be accelerated a lot of.

Answer act: Does car lacquer oxidize how to be handled? If be slight oxidation, can come with candle eliminate, once oxidation is serious criterion must abrade, polish.

Car lacquer chap

If your love car is of metallic lacquer, that is about to notice to prevent the chap of car lacquer. This is a kind of very subtle crackle, can permeate car lacquer ceaselessly, till " puncture " whole paint layer. The earlier naked eye of chap discovers very hard. Had compared when naked eye can become aware serious. Wax you can discover automobile body has stripe to appear when polishing, because be put in break,have car candle namely. As a result of the quality problem of spray paint, because of,the colophony in car lacquer also is met " atrophic " and generation chap. This kind " dermatosis " can be cured only with the method of new spray paint.

Answer act: Often waxing is the tweak that reduces chap happening, still be in when chap " budding " period when, the crackle that candle can lose sight of naked eye is cast.

Car lacquer fades

The lampblack in aerosphere and contaminant are to cause car lacquer to fade, the main reason that become angry, it is especially in industrial district and big city. Fade, become angry the phenomenon happens in automobile body commonly before top of lid, the box after roof is mixed, this kind fades differ with oxidation: When oxidation, automobile body whole is hair black, hoar, and when fading, car lacquer appears inhomogenous chromatism. Of metallic lacquer because the acid in dust, rainwater, alkaline thing is right,fading is of the aluminum foil in metallic lacquer corrode place to cause. Paint is the dye as a result of Qi Zhong and the change that afore-mentioned contaminant happening chemistry react and cause color to go up, can appear sometimes corrode mark.

Answer act: Prevent car lacquer to fade, diligent waxing is indispensable of course, other field personnel washs a car to also can be reduced fade ill, fade disease can be administered through waxing polishing comes slightly. Spend in fade usable and abrade processing, serious when must new spray paint.
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