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Car " 4 case " change not careless
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Engine oil case

Intention of engine oil style: Just as its name implies, the function of engine oil case is to filter the engine oil inside engine, raise its to cleanness is spent and lubricate degree, reduce engine thereby wear away, the function with made best play.

Working mechanism: Like cardiac blood circulatory system, the engine oil in lubricating oil pump also is in ceaseless loop, in this process, often can produce the impurity that a lot of our expect are less than, and this kind of feculent content needs engine oil case to filter.

The price: Homebred economy car (100 thousand yuan the following) , for instance cup of the star of Chang'an, Xiali, gold, price of uses engine oil check is in commonly 8 ~ 15 yuan between; Intermediate car (100 thousand ~ 200 thousand yuan) , value of division of use engine oil is in 15 ~ 35 yuan between; In high-grade car, price of check of engine oil of its form a complete set is in commonly 35 ~ 65 yuan between; On individual business rare the model that be short of, value of division of its engine oil is controlled for 90 yuan. Additional, deputy factory the price of engine oil case is 5 ~ commonly 10 yuan, it is roughly factory the 1/3 of the price. But deputy factory quality is poorer, its rubber group is easy bad, bring about leakage oil easily, affect engine directly run, bring about wear away, do not suggest to use.

The proposal changes time: Car every travel 5000 - 10000 kilometers left and right sides changes. Expert proposal every time changes when engine oil, should change engine oil case. The reason is the contamination in case of old engine oil, the viscosity that can reduce new engine oil and cleanness are spent, affect rate of engine oil loop, also can damage engine.

Gas division

Gas division intention: Filter gasoline tank arrives the benzine between engine firebox.

Working mechanism: All sorts of impurity exist in general benzine, gasoline tank uses the dirt with also can precipitate certain for long, above reason can affect benzine quality. The action of gas division is to filter afore-mentioned impurity, of the division of benzine course gas inside gasoline tank filter the firebox that reachs engine, its cleanness purity can get be ensuringed effectively.

The price: The material of gas division is qualitative because of the car different, the gas division price of major economy model is in 50 ~ 100 yuan between, the gas division price of a few special model is in 100 ~ 200 yuan between. In the gas division price of high-grade car is in 100 yuan of above, overall differ range is not big. A few pairs of factories or division of gas of a less known and inferior brand, bring about leakage oil easily, the likelihood causes spontaneous combustion to explode even, to automobile body, person has the risk that comparative, do not suggest to use.

The proposal changes time: Car 20000 kilometers control every travel.

Air squares formed by crossed lines

Intention of air squares formed by crossed lines: Air squares formed by crossed lines holds the position of the opening that take energy of life in engine, it can filter effectively the dirt impurity in air, the air of intromit firebox is clean degree of big big heighten, make sure fuel combustion is sufficient thereby.
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