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6 kinds of common errors raise vehicle standard
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Have car a group of things with common features to loving a car to always be cherished add, but what many car friend use is wrong however maintain method, result nature is just the opposite to what one wished. Contrast, be corrected at once.

1, engine oil is added too much

When engine oil is insufficient, the meeting such as bearing and journal happens lubricant and undesirable, aggravate wears away to cause accident of the axis that burn tile even.

But engine oil is too much, engine also should give trouble likewise, main aspects of handle of the crankshaft when working namely, connecting rod can arise acuteness churn, will increase loss of engine interior power, still can make splash grow in quantity of crock of mural engine oil, generation burns an engine oil breakdown. Accordingly, engine oil should be controlled in engine oil feet on, between next reticle had better.

2, like blindly to import tire

Some cars friend likes particularly " entrance " tire, but suit Europe the tire of road condition often has hard in home on beautiful expression, especially of sidewall impulse withstand force respect is special " fragile " , cause the bag since sidewall easily to wait. In fact, the tire of a lot of abroad brands is after domestic joint-stock production, increased what cloth of a curtain increased sidewall thereby to fight wallop in tire flank according to domestic way state.

3, the equipment inside the car increases at will

Love vehicle is right car advocate for mobile like home, multiply inside pursuit car with comfortable with luxurious give no cause for more criticism, but many cars advocate like to be added inside the car install all sorts of equipment, this kind changes his costume or dress, if handle misgivings to become, function of meeting influence car and operate, easy leave sequela or affect safety of drive a vehicle.

4, the car is washed to hurt car lacquer below the sun

The automobile body after the car is being washed below the sun is met very quickly insolation, but be injured easily also at the same time car lacquer, because the sun falls, the convex effect that water place forms can make the stratosphere of car lacquer produces phenomenon of local high temperature, time is long, car lacquer can lose luster. Washing a car to wax had better be to be in have obstructed requirement next undertaking, or choose in time of cloudy day or the morning that are sunshine, dusk.

5, cistern " boil " busy add water

Cistern " boil " , many drivers fear engine temperature is again elevatory, instantly flameout adds water. This is wrong. Accurate method is: Jockey instantly, after waiting for cooling water temperature to reduce, again engine flameout. If cooling water is insufficient,answer right now slowly add.

6, long-term need not car or short distance use a car

After the cost that use a car rises, many having car a group of things with common features begins little drove, some leaves when have a holiday only drive. Such, because often be in,the transmission parts surface such as engine and gear-box is met rusty with the condition that air contacts directly. Best method is every other lets a car a few days run on 339 minutes. Additional, long-term short distance hurts a car easily also with the car, should timely run run long-distance.
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