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It is good to wash a car often?
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Car a group of things with common features dotes on to his it may be said love a car have add, become beautiful to allow car vehicle, hold automobile body clean, they wash a car almost everyday, very
Wash to a day. Also have many cars nevertheless advocate, because be afraid of troublesome or too busy, a few months do not love a car for his " bathe " , allow by automobile body by
Clay and dirt are surrounded.

It is good to wash a car often? Do not wash a car for long, what is affected again to the car? Recently, the reporter interviewed expert of vehicle maintenance and repair to breath out screen. He admits
For, washing a car is an important knowledge, the respect waits in the frequency that washs a car, field and weather, a lot of is pay attention to.
Wash car frequency weekly
To washing car frequency, the expert thinks, usually, a week washs a car best. Wash a car to had shoulded not be frequency, wash a car often, can quicken lacquer face
Oxidation. General floating dust, hit with feather duster or down mop whole can. But if encountered dirt, muddy, heavy rain,wait, car advocate should be opposite as soon as possible
Car undertakes cleaning.
And car is not washed for long, as a result of the acidity composition in rainwater, air, and of the harmful material such as birds' droppings, dirt erode and adhere to, can add
The ageing of fast lacquer face and attaint. Lacquer side is damaged, still can make bodywork metallic part oxidizes because of losing protection, bring about car sedan to damage earlier. Additional, car
Do not wash for long, a few fluid sealant cannot get nurse in time, also meet ageing invalidation, make sealed function deterioration.
The weather that wash a car is not cold not hot
When washing a car, had better choose weather of not cold lukewarm. What go against rudimental moisture because of the cloudy day is dry; And when big sun, car plate and lacquer
Face be heated can expand, wash a car right now, heat up one cold meeting to make lacquer face fragile change, craze.
To just washed car, expert proposal, had better not busy start off, because at this moment the car is not fully dry still, especially glue of Bo of machine lid aperture, door
Wait place, dirt of very easy conglutinate. After the car has been washed, had better be car microscope is mixed wipe. But also do not put the car burning sun go down to insolate
, because burning sun issues the convex effect that water forms to be able to produce local high temperature, make lacquer face loses luster gradually. If washed a car inside, in strong travel
When, never mind please the Bo that close a window and use air conditioning, and the flavour that should use the humidity with natural will indoor wind, clear lotion is blown clean.
The field that wash a car takes shelter from the wind roomily
A few cars advocate him choice washs a car, expert proposal, in the process that wash a car, must wait for a few from water, clear lotion, tool, field, method
The respect tries to notice.
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