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The car maintains case: The novice is OK and referenced
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After buying a car, of car maintain safeguard can divide for two parts, it is to be in guarantee period inside, want to undertake maintain and be maintaininged by operation instruction handbook, manufacturer avoids compensate no longer or repair otherwise. 2 was to go out to guarantee period the care and maintenance after, this is each car advocate what want to be faced with, how to do? How had done? Each car advocate have respective wise move and idea, make my a few practices and experience only here one report, in an attempt to encourages. I am in October 2002 some oneself cars, I experience a car have intelligence, you are to car good vehicle won't treat unfairly your, it can go out less to anchor breakdown, less, you maintain carelessly, examination, it is met constant be out of order, my practice is:
1, build car to use record and carry along with the car.

Have on archives: Time of content of travel kilometer number, maintenance, maintenance, remarks, every time after maintenance at that time the circumstance of the kilometer number of travel, maintenance (those who include 3 filter change, of fittings change, repair time of place breakdown circumstance and the condition after repairing, maintenance, note leaving a stage to wait) according to the facts on record. Road of circumstance of oily bad news, travel besides, oneself feeling also notes record. Archives is written down seriously even every time the kilometer number of tire conversion, the kilometer number that fluid of engine oil, antifreeze, brake changes and time, so that change next time when check with. The case that anyhow uses about car should be written down clear entirely, write down accurate.

2, those who assure the oil of car, fluid, filter is clean with use requirement.

Engine oil is changed surely before every 5000 kilometers, benzine every time gasoline tank is odd 1/3 when should add full, every 50 thousand kilometer changes gear oil surely, every 20 thousand kilometer changes brake oil surely, 30 thousand kilometer changes antifreeze surely, air filter, benzine filter should change on time. Oily, water, fluid is mixed completely do not drip leakage maintains use level, it is car safety uses the key that prolongs service life to assure.

3, the use of spare parts has a choice.

Car maintains and change I have spare parts a principle is: Crucial, important spare parts should use quality goods to be bought in normal place, periphery, less important spare parts can be used pay taste or the product of factory of form a complete set. Be like: Brake piece, crock line, sparkplug should use quality goods, open receipt with stock problem hind is searched; Resemble cistern, headlight, bumper, adornment those who wait to be used is pay a factory, the result is same. Such already managing the safety that expenditure assured car again is used.

4, managing go up to love a car to be originally.

The family uses a car car of managing, love is we use car to should follow a principle, in this respect such I doing: It is do not have urgent matter or do not hurry on with his journey, can walk along a country to do not take high speed, as far as possible managing cost crossing the bridge and high speed cost. 2 it is to wash a car at ordinary times, wax do by oneself entirely, such already managing expenditure exercised the body again, and what do alive is more careful than washing car inn to want much; 3 it is diligent the examination is safeguarded, want the place such as oily to engine oil, antifreeze, brake, storage battery to undertake checking every week, discover the problem is solved in time, wheel each 10 thousand him kilometers start work conversion. 4 it is the delay in driving is cheered, use by rotate speed speed block suitably, the operation is downy not strong, such already managing oil plants is opposite again car is good.
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