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New car drives in how does the car maintain
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New car adjusts period use attention wants a place:

The period of travel begins after new car leaves factory, because the car is departmental,the athletic component of cent has not been adjusted, because this needs discretion is used, otherwise will the injury of aggravate component. Inside the initiative course that stipulates it is certain to be in commonly so, for example 1500 should carry out strictly by the regulation to travel of the car inside 2000 kilometers. This paragraph of time says be a car go close period or adjust period, need to abide by a few more the following regulation:

1, do not allow to be used for a long time the first block or high speed blocks travel;

2, avoid scram as far as possible, special be in at first inside 500 kilometers;

3, be in each blocking do not make speed reachs the limit, each block a horary speed to want to control supporting fast inside 3/4 limits, substantially is: 1 block 25 kilometers 2 block 40 kilometers 3 block 60 kilometers 4 block 90 kilometers 5 block 100 kilometers

4, when the car starts, do not allow complete step on the gas;

5, avoid pulling trailer;

6, carry fast when should as far as possible a few slower, do not want to be quickened quickly;

7, advanced inside 200 kilometers, tire attrition power is insufficient, because this is when brake,should compare normal circumstance to fall some more multi-purpose force. Just changing new tire or same argument also is when new brake pedal.

New car lacquer protects:

Car lacquer protection is " long-term battle " , want a car to did not discard as useless only general complete car is new the chance of spray paint is not much, so the car of protective process stylish of car lacquer or old car do not have the diversity with extraordinary what. Just want to be taken care when candle is protected on the choice, new car candle has the special effect of candle of different and average car.

New car candle has two kinds: One kind calls new car candle, one kind calls new car to protect candle. This is two kinds of completely different candle, a new Che Yingxian uses new car to protect candle, new car candle can be used after washing a car daily.

The peculiar function of candle of new car protection is to exceed fight oxidation by force, fight corrode a function, daub, what can maintain a year commonly is long, wash a car to won't be washed daily. New car candle is candle of a kind of downy sex, general inside without polishing agent, cannot undergo the test that washs a car.

Candle of new car protection is controlled 100 yuan commonly, can use ten times, might as well learning oneself to use sponge operation.

New car interior trim protects:

Car interior trim has two kinds of stuff commonly, leather and chemical fibber. After taking new car, had better do instantly maintain. Leather has agent of two kinds of glazing, waxiness and colophony. Waxiness can glazing, do not have protective effect, at best is OK and waterproof; Agent of colophony leather glazing, emphasize the protective function of the product, fight grind, fight ultraviolet ray, corrosion resistance smeary erode.
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