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Summer car each component maintains secret book
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The summertime car engine, air conditioning, component that waits to give trouble easily for oily, lubricant system and tire uses maintain point:

Air conditioning system

Air conditioning not the common cause of refrigeration is refrigeration agent insufficient. Whether can refrigeration agent pass the observation hole on dry canister to see amply, the repairman that has experience can judge air conditioning to whether need compensatory refrigeration dose from the condition of going from place to place of bleb. If discover agent of air conditioning refrigeration is lacked,not be eager to complement first, should check what whether have refrigeration agent to divulge first, according to experience, the breakdown of air conditioning system has 80% above is caused.

Air conditioning not it is normal that refrigeration can check systematic pressure, generally speaking, the pressure that low pressure of normal air conditioning system carries is 2, 3bar, the pressure that high pressure carries is 15, 25bar, because of the car different. Normal air conditioning compressor should use a hand to be able to turn easily, if use a tool to turn to be not moved, can maintain compressor to be held in the arms dead, must change. If the examination discovers high pressure carries pressure particularly tall, low pressure carries pressure particularly low, that is probable it is dry coal tub or expand occurrence breakdown of a powerful person, should change change. The car that ran above 5 years especially often should check these parts more. Net of conserve of vehicle maintenance and repair

Save fuel to make air conditioning job stable, comfortable, a lot of high-grade cars installed complex air conditioning electron to control a system, if these systems appear the problem also can bring about air conditioning the job is unusual. Want to notice the examination is safeguarded.

Supply oily system

The summer appears very easily for oily system vapour lock phenomenon, because fasten be heated hind for oil,this is, the cent of partial light heat up in a steamer in benzine volatilizes become gas, in existence and steam vitta road and steam oil pump, increased benzine flow resistance. Air temperature of together with summer is high, cause a dynamo easily to interrupt a phenomenon even for oily inadequacy.

Vapour lock phenomenon produces in road of drive a vehicle, can make gasoline pump cooling with wet cloth or drive car shady and cool place to drop in temperature make vapour lock phenomenon is able to eliminate. Can change the installation position of pump of diaphragm type gasoline, move by place of the side after standing by vent-pipe so vent-pipe in front drafty be in and a thermal insulation board is increased between gasoline pump and vent-pipe. Also can burst forth in gasoline pump each install in order to of bedspring of a powerful person of an one-way oil to raise gasoline pump on oily a powerful person fight vapour lock ability.

Engine and each are lubricant system
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