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Summertime car maintains need to take strict precautions against engine " have a
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The summer, the breakdown probability of engine is clear prep above is ferial, among them above of half the number is by engine working temperature passes tall and those who cause. Engine overheat can bring about cistern " boil " (the water inside cistern is boiling) ; The gas inside air cylinder expands, decrease into tolerance, power drops; Motor component mutual gap is narrow, lube becomes rare, aggravate of the attrition between motor component; Can cause even " pull a crock " , " hold tile in the arms " wait for beyond recall harm.

Beautiful car acts the role of the expert introduction of · car general merchandise, the cause that causes engine temperature overheat has a lot of, air conditioning runs for long is among them one of. Attend a meeting air conditioning the actuating pressure of aggravating and cooling system, a large number of quantity of heat cannot send out in time, cause water Wen Jugao not to fall. Another reason is a car advocate covet is cheap, take tap water appropriative cooling fluid. The boiling point of water has 100 ℃ only, what cannot satisfy engine at all is normal medicinal powder hot.

Of engine medicinal powder heat needs to use special cooling vehicle -- antifreeze, antifreeze full name " prevent frostbite prevents boil fluid " , can promote warm car quickly in winter already, also can balance engine temperature in the summer, the anticorrosive and antirust function with still rise particular to cooling system component and prevent furring to arise. But the antifreeze inside car cistern beforehand classics distilled water is attenuant, embedded water branch forms vapor block layer on the crock wall of engine, block up comes loose hot, cause engine trouble, shorten engine life. Protection became instead damage chronically.

How can you just make engine work temperature is balanced does incorrect engine cause harm? A good method is to give love car to add note anhydrous cooling fluid. Differ with traditional antifreeze, this kind of cooling fluid is not hydrous, avoid the formation of vapour lock layer, from go up to overcome water or contain water refrigeration agency at all to engine damage, the boiling point that is as high as 191 ℃ can be rapid the untangle of redundant quantity of heat that produces engine goes out, balance engine temperature, comb-out engine " boil " hidden trouble. The interior after water is boiling can be put in pressure, rushed open cistern to build, boiling water can splash a person, add note anhydrous cooling fluid to won't appear this kind of circumstance, return the probability that can reduce conduit leakage greatly, protect cooling system effectively. Appropriate temperature environment makes engine power promotes apparently, benzine combustion is more sufficient and complete.

Practice confirms, add note anhydrous cooling fluid, can save oily cost 10% the left and right sides, prolong engine life 50% above, reduce engine trouble considerably.

At ordinary times car advocate can pay close attention to the water lukewarm table inside appearance dial to change more, if come loose,heat up the effect not beautiful, answer to check antifreeze in time to whether need to change. General antifreeze term of service is two years, the beard when changing discharges clean old antifreeze and clean cooling system thoroughly; And anhydrous cooling fluid is successive travel 800 thousand kilometer need not change, this is meant add note can repeat use a car to discard as useless.
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