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How to undertake be maintenanced daily to car spray gun
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How to undertake be maintenanced daily to car spray gun

1, of spray gun clear

After using, answer to clean spray gun and its accessory instantly, medalet is safeguarded and be not being cleaned is the main reason that spray gun malfunctions.

When cleaning spray gun of attraction feed formula, answer above all first debus lacquered tinplate can) , will suck makings canal to flow inside the cup. Loosen air cap 2-3 is encircled then, hold off air cap with the dishcloth that has folded together, buckle trigger next. This can make inside the coating regurgitate lacquered tinplate can inside spray gun.

Attention: Use atmospheric pressure wants low, still install when lacquered tinplate can go up in the gun when, do not have afore-mentioned operations, otherwise coating is met from splash inside coal tub.

Screw air cap afresh, answer the coating in lacquered tinplate can in original big pot. Brush with solvent and sparse hair clean mix inside the cup a cup of lid) the dishcloth erase odd-come-short that crosses solvent with a dip. Next to the cleaner with clean a few is entered inside the cup, pull trigger, cleaner ejective, clean conveying pipeline.

Next air cap debus, bubble is in thinner or dissolvent, the soft brush that uses tooth brush of head resembling a circle or straw broom model cleans the alveolus that jam. Remember, can nail such thing to clear with iron wire or iron anything but these alveolus, because these alveolus are finish machining,get. Be brushed with spray gun and solvent cleans nozzle. With what bubble crosses thinner put oneself in another's position of dishcloth general gun is external wipe clean, notice erase is all coating trace.

Current, already began to use spray gun in a few areas and unit automatic cleaning machine, combine artificial hand to wash will clean spray gun, clean the effect first-rate. Put spray equipment spray gun to clean, inside the tun that recycle uses a machine, the bucket on the lid is built, open pneumatic pump to make clean the clear lotion inside the bucket to rotate next. Need not 1 minute of this equipment can clean each component clean to be used with making offer. Clean means photograph to compare with traditional handiwork, automatic clear lotion can be saved change coating handles time of 10 minutes, this cleaner increased the security of lacquering, because of the skin no longer bring into contact with those dissolvent that have dry effect. On the design of this system, bottom has stuff of a snail, can discharge waste liquid easily.

In cleaning the operation such as spray gun, the dissolvent with odd and many meeting, if be dropped directly very wasteful also go against environmental protection. Solvent reclaims machine use high temperature distill, will dirty dissolvent reclaims after processing, can get clean dissolvent, saved a large number of dissolvent, more protected an environment.

Attention: Be like spray gun to be not cleaned instantly after be used, nozzle is met part or block up completely on, the sparge that brings about spray gun gush to come out breaks up (ejective and dry coating fragment) or sparge figure is incorrect. To adding the lacquer that has additive, particularly such. After because be in,be being used if be not cleaned instantly, lacquer can be in the interior of spray gun is sclerotic.
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