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Maintain car not have to should spend money to ask professional personage operation. Actually, a lot of maintain gimmick is a car advocate can finish in be used daily. And, daily attention is helpful for a car " appearance " permanent. Than coming for long assault maintains more useful point. Below a few maintain means is a car advocate oneself can finish.

The conserve of car pane

Car window scour cleans glass best. Clear water is swabbed is most of environmental protection, just efficiency and brightness are insufficient.

Some cars window did not install diaphragm, that is about to affix. Diaphragm still can prevent vitreous blowout effectively, although glass broke, meeting conglutinate is on diaphragm and also won't splatter person. Glance film cannot be used argently, the light that reflection comes out causes smooth pollution easily.

Automobile body is plastic conserve

Of automobile body inside and outside plastic cannot be cleaned with organic dissolvent. Because organic dissolvent makes easily plastic lose luster, want to use water, scour or suds to swab as far as possible so. Square like dashboard and other places, ten million should notice not to let waterlogging arrive inside. Leatheroid is easy ageing, craze, protective agent of a leather.

Paint the layer maintains

Paint level says to be cleaned with water commonly sufficient. But a kind object sticks organic matter on automobile body is so not light take out, if colophony, avian excrement and urine, bitumen is waited a moment.

There are a lot of conserve thingses and tool to be able to be offerred on the market at present use. For example has what the family washs a car to rinse tool and appropriative car automobile body to clean an agent. Want to undertake strictly operating by product manual only, can achieve oneself satisfactory goal.

Clean tire

Tire contacts the ground directly, easier dirty. General dirt, clay is rinsed with water went. But if bitumen, smeary etc stick above, be about to use cleaner of tire of type of canister of pressure of a kind of appropriative, should be in only tire flank one gush, can dissolve these dirty stuffs.

The conserve of automobile body interior

Sit chair, carpet is used long meeting generation bacterium or mite bug, need to be cleaned regularly, actually, need the cleaner on gush only, use next dip in the towel that sail upstream can be cleaned.

The space of railroad car interior is very little, so, the car mies wife the time that takes more grows, be about to open car window let fresh air flow into. Although also answer when the summer opens air conditioning,the intake of two side opens a dashboard a few, lest oxygen is insufficient.