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A few cars maintain technical whole strategy
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Drive be about to learnBuild a carShould learn oneself to search " breakdown "

The car is in use process, hard to avoid should malfunction. To seasoned old driver, normally can " one pace reachs the designated position " find problem place. And most person faces breakdown regular meeting to be at a loss what to do. Will learning oneself to search now look for breakdown.

Car breakdown can divide roughly for 3 parts: It is circuit breakdown; 2 it is oil path breakdown; 3 it is travel system breakdown, if change direction, part of apply the brake, drive.

Among them, circuit breakdown is divided again for high-pressured circuit and low-pressure circuit breakdown. In be used actually, the breakdown of car has 60% about is circuit breakdown, 30% in oil path respect, him much can remove these trouble. Only 10% is control is travel system breakdown, these breakdown attribute mechanical failure, the car when happening is returned mostly can travel, should nearby goes engage by special arrangementMaintenanceThe station is repaired.

Malfunction in travel when you when, do not want anxious, 2 no hurry start work, read the case report of concerned breakdown indicator light first. Static next hearts come, analyse the phenomenon of breakdown, a few to ask more why? The method of breakdown of judgement, divisional oily circuit has two: It is travel it is abrupt in road flameout or slowly flameout, abrupt flameout is circuit breakdown mostly; And slowly flameout, or car happens ceaselessly " leap up is moved " phenomenon, it is oil path breakdown mostly. 2 be " try fire " , if do not have the fire of central high pressure, fire that divide a crock, it is circuit breakdown, if have tall banking fire, the problem is in oil path. And mechanical failure is accompanied mostly have abnormal voice, sound follows speed speed and change, the sound when jockeying disappears, did not concern directly with oily circuit breakdown.

With " pursue paragraph of negative method " , will " focus " the lock is in a specific place surely, figuring out first is to attribute which kind of breakdown, specific aim ground is examined first exterior unusual. If electrical wiring has,deny open circuit, short circuit, join place has deny become loose; There is those who do not have electrical wiring to burn burnt flavour in engine, oil path conduit has oil no leakage to wait a moment.

Those who be worth to remind is, present new car is mostly " electric gush " car, it is electronic control combustion, trouble is less, apropos and as contrary as probability of old carburettor car breakdown. What need remembers is, electric gush car malfunctions like circuit, often need special computerDetectorDetect, driver him avoid by all means starts work, lest destroy circuit order.

Accumulate carbon to clean carbon deposit of very main car to prevent skill analytic

1, use clean gas

The impurity in benzine is to form the basis that accumulates carbon, so cleanness spends expensive gas to form the trend that accumulates carbon a few weaker. But should notice high grade and not be equal to high quality, grade represents oily octane number only, can not represent character and clean rate.
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