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The individual washs car experience small summary
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The individual washs car experience small summary
Had read a few articles that concern the respect that wash a car first, had sought advice from the introduction of workers of many the room that wash a car at the same time again, basically combine oneself carry out experience and sum up a little experience that when washs a car about oneself, there still is the thing that when many DX discover he wash a car, car lacquer destroys in jar, write bit of detailed result today, hope criticism make a comment or criticism, communicate jointly with everybody! Of course this article does not suit DX of the following you:

1, wash a car to distain to be considered to oneself.

2, either too of the face of earth of car grey head that cares about oneself.

3, think oneself wash a car too too tired, painstaking.

4, nose to seeing oneself wash one of DX Chi of the car.

One, rinse whole vehicle simply. The main purpose of the first my strong water is develop the bigger grit on automobile body clean, notice a few detail:

1, rush from roof first, it is next all around glass, again before, hind storehouse lid, automobile body all around, wheel.

2, should notice roof especially two side guide must rush clean in cistern, because over there special love is hiding grit, similar position still has automobile body always fluted place.

3, ' flower scatters the ejective water in ' to be adjusted so that center as far as possible a few, and should adjust good strength, cannot too ' develops ' , and the flow high strength that need not hang down to be spent squarely at automobile body armor plate relatively as far as possible is rinsed, because too perpendicular, big hydraulic cause petty grit more easily also face of violent extruding lacquer causes cut, current wants side the move is strong, such grit can slide together along with current, won't affect car lacquer.

2, make foam the first times. I went to a supermarket buying indicate PH value is the neuter silk Mao Roushun of 7 to wash clothes fluid (this bit is very important! Otherwise the car lacquer of your car and the balata that include tire inside hapless! ) , do not have basic ingredient not only, and still fight environmental protection of electrostatic, green, do not have any pollution to the environment, pour what add of half pails of water enters two cap to wash clothes fluid, with the hand as far as possible agitate gives a large number of bubble, drench bubble with soft towel next whole vehicle, attention: 1, not be to let you use towel on board smear bubble, drench however go up. 2, static wait for a few minutes. This bubble is the contamination such as the subtle dust that wants deliquescent automobile body, oily be soiled, because now automobile body remnant is subtle the dirty stuff such as dust, bigger grit has been in the first times be developed.

3, wait for bubble static on automobile body wait for rush with current in a few minutes clean, the method is the same as the first program.
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