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Open the six to one of price of trade shady deal of car hairdressing
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"11 " asymptotic, many citizens buy new car to prepare to be driven oneself swim. The first thing after most person buys a car gives love car hairdressing namely, at this moment, trap appeared...

"If except sees some time ago Taiwan businessman of media exposure smoke peddles the infuse in past prawn " expand water " , of the harmful human body such as formalin last, expand agent problem; If is not domestic misfortune, let me feel life suffering is short, I still may stand to uncover this one inside story of a plot without courage " , south outskirt piece of manager of inn of hairdressing of a car emphasize, although oneself not hole client, but see ground of unbridled of person of the same trade slaughters a guest, it is to look to go nevertheless really, then, interview from buy a car to begin.

The sell member of 4S inn is in hairdressing inn deduct a percentage from a sum of money 30%

Buy a car, consumer often is dilettante, piece the director says, when most person buys a car often the most trustful sale member, and as it happens of the member that sell captures this, reach with car hairdressing inn " a gentleman's agreement " : the car advocate introduce hairdressing inn, after ending to new car hairdressing, finally the 30% deduct a percentage from a sum of money according to turnover, just think, if a car from A to Z whole, with 4000 yuan plan, car advocate floriferous money of 1200 yuan of injustice, and these 1200 yuan are individual of the member that sell white, more than selling a car to earn.

Piece manager estimation, not be every car advocate be duped, but the fault is calculated slightly, the member that the at least in 10 new cars has 6 to be sold " flicker " entered hairdressing store, came down in January, the deduct a percentage from a sum of money of the member that sell cans be imagined. Car-m.cn

As we have learned, what give the member that sell deduct a percentage from a sum of money at first is the hairdressing store with two larger scale of Yantai, in recent years since, again a new-blown inn joins battle group, to compete, the member that new-blown inn gives a sale actually opens the privilege of deduct a percentage from a sum of money that gave 35%-40% .

Inn of hairdressing of 4S inn PK: Price six to one

Piece the director says, above circumstance happens in oneself to do not have the 4S inn of hairdressing business, and the 4S store that oneself own hairdressing business slaughters a guest more firm.

For test and verify piece director institute says, the reporter was visited south inn of outskirt part 4S, after many consumer buy a car, discovery likes to dress up his new car intention one time, what cushion back cushion, back a car radar, of comfortable function same cannot little -- the car of ten was bought, still differ thousands of to decorate. So every time a new car advocate the label is only, the bagman of distribute inn promotes automobile articles for use very successful also. Some agency are being hit directly " send 10 thousand yuan of ceremonies the package " , " privilege of 8000 yuan of things " banner will attract consumer to buy.
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