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Anhydrous washs a car (vapour washs a car) the inside of fraud
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Anhydrous washs a car (vapour washs a car) the inside of fraud

Vapour washs car machine, had appeared before 45 years about, it is certain at first fry do " anhydrous washs a car " the enterprise is a project " brush the buttock " . Plan again later with " section water environmental protection " sell a site for equipment.

So, I say it is the equipment of a kind of deal in generalities. If you also plan to follow suit,fry sell equipment, use high-power vapour generator to look for equipment generation to machine an enterprise to do OEM can, you also had oneself " vapour washs car machine " .

If you are car hairdressing enterprise or preparative dry-clean car, please some more discreet, this kind of equipment (vapour washs car, small bath car to wait equipment a moment) there is the following inadequacy in managing actually:

One, consumer idea problem: A lot of cars advocate thinking to wash a car should be to hit bubble rush with water, you breath out slowly in that with vapour, very big one part car advocate difficult approbate. (still a management cost and sexual price compare a problem)

2, equipment itself blemish: Tire, batholith, dashboard, with this kind of equipment very unmanageable, vapour did not make fun of at all!

3, heavy dirty is unmanageable (especially mud of northward winter ice and snow kind heavy dirty) : Vapour or small water, edge gush edge brushs the kind washing a car that apply, dirty to car weight, very unmanageable clean, and cause car lacquer very easily to send filar nick.

This kind of equipment, certain place is popularized with mode of government-owned businessman collaboration, have feasibility, but that is not market action.