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Conserve of hairdressing love a car is antirust- - car hairdressing unique skill
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Conserve of hairdressing love a car is antirust- - car hairdressing unique skill

Regular meeting of classics of automobile body exterior appears rustily, because touch,this basically is Ban gold metal is direct after brushing cause with outside contact. Besides common cause, with the passing of time of collision, scratch, long-term park is rusty outside, still have a kind of case, it is drive a vehicle when, the drop that the small block that car tyre plays before causes bumps, can make lacquer face appears the bit that each flakes, produce small rusty spot. This kind of small mark often is ignored by people, want to check bodywork regularly at ordinary times, bonnet and car all around, once discovery is about,handle immediately.

Additional, automobile body is light the place of seeper, the place such as horn of the bottom that is like predestined relationship of round of arc inside and outside, door and boot, edge, time grew to produce rusty corrode easily also. If the outfall of door lower edge jams or very not smooth, rain or the moisture of the infiltration when drive a vehicle is accumulated for a long time stay in door interior, after period of time, meet by begin to rust outside introversion, when when discovery, very unmanageable.

Accordingly, often hold door and automobile body of departmental osculum expedite it is the main job that daily attention cannot neglect. The keyhole of door and glass all around the mobile place of the brush rocker that reach rain also is the place that rusts easily, must try to notice constantly.

Had how to blow mark of loiter, rust smally to should be handled? Remember, never ignore. Oneself start work the method is very simple.

If rustily very not serious, can dip in with extremely fine waterproof abrasive paper first water gently abrasion rusty spot, complete rub-up, a priming paint, can make sure rubiginous mark won't expand, aggravating. If new scratch, can besmear directly after rub-up on priming paint, average car deserves to have lacquer of one caddy former plant. Although such processing is not quite good-looking, but very little place also is not had hinder greatly.

Also can buy a filling Qi Bi beforehand, after waiting for the priming paint on besmear to work, reoccupy waterproof abrasive paper grinds his smooth, undertake with filling Qi Bi chromatically is handled next. Remember, priming paint is had on antirust with the effect that adds watch lacquer to add exert oneself, not lazy, use paint of filling lacquer pen directly. Small area loiter is hurt or be not clear position can use this method to decorate.

Miss lazy friend really, still can use toothpaste. One valve is put on the car common toothpaste, discovery has small new loiter mark, with respect to on conveniently besmear a bit. After rain or washing a car, did not forget to besmear again, have isolation effect OK and simply, short-term inside sure. This is a simple payable method only, still want " of " hairdressing inn finally to go comb-out.
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