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Wash the problem of easy negligence in car process
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Wash the problem of easy negligence in car process

In car conserve, wash a car most extensive, no matter be new car, old car or good car, bad car, need to have a neat exterior and drive cozily environment. Discuss the issue of easy in the daily process that wash a car negligence together with everybody today.
1, the time that wash a car. My habit washs a car in the dusk, this time sun is not quite intense, after washing a car, car put in storage, the moisture that can let stay in aperture evaporates completely, yu Shui's problem need not worry when driving the following day. Additional, if outside insolation is stronger when wash a car, adverse also to the protection of car lacquer.
2, the frequency that wash a car. I think to should not be too big, washing a car every time is the harm of car lacquer perhaps says is loss. If you like to let your love car hold the position of spotless from beginning to end, so I suggest you must diligent wax, meet otherwise the brightness of lacquer of bring down car.
3, wax. Wax not too frequent, want to use good candle, had better prevent ultraviolet ray, the car lacquer that can be your love car so won't fade. Wax should careful, choose weather of a calm, be in shady and cool place, direction of in any case waxes. Work most probably in car candle when candle erase. Here has a few problems to want to notice. It is when brushing candle must careful, bequeath wants seasonable erase in the candle in aperture, time grew to be able to corrode car lacquer. 2 it is to had mastered waxed frequency and strength, especially saturate car, unfavorable and frequent wax, cause fishnet grain easily on car lacquer otherwise. 3 it is waxed place do not choose fall in burning sun, below the illuminate of sunshine, the candle of surface layer will be rapid insolation, the candle that is close to car lacquer is very wet still, below this kind of circumstance, both neither allows easy roll light, be in easily also trace of lay off of car lacquer surface.
4, inside the car. Want to often be cleaned inside the car, fluctuate especially appearance of vehicle is in easily door bottom leaves impress of a path black, sole causes this. Because sole is rubber products, so the simplest way of purify black path uses the gush agent that divides bitumen namely, on the market, in the supermarket buy very easily. Attention, bitumen gush agent does not want gush to be in inside the car on black balata, leave the white mark of not easy purify easily otherwise. Have coriaceous car, often should clean, maintain leather, see leather hair is green or blue wants the decontamination on the horse, it is easy that time grew leather craze. Stay easily in position of safety belt of back row seat black imprint, want to often observe.
5, engine cabin. Manufacturer is being designed, engine room did not consider when producing a car clean, some components are done not have completely waterproof, in addition, products of the electrical wiring inside engine room, connect, rubber is more, because this is unfavorable,rinse directly with squirt. Should use twist dry dishcloth to be wiped gently, conditional friend can use engine room of air gun cleanness.
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