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The note that wash a car
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Should undertake cleaning mixing to the car daily waxing, the following should notice when washing a car:

1, salt, dust, insect, birds' droppings sundry stick in the time on the car to grow more, to the car ruinous bigger, answer to undertake in time cleaning.

2, when washing a car with water, the attention does not want ward of water gush drought.

3, when if send the car,be being cleaned in automatic rinsing equipment, of the car of roof antennae, need not tear open aerial below.

4, automobile body is stuck have time of dirt of bitumen, oily be soiled, industry paint of attaint of too long meeting. Should keep clear of in time with bitumen the take out stain such as agent, insect purify agent.

5, when surface of paint of clean automobile body, do not use brush, coarse cloth, leave scratch mark in order to avoid.

6, when cleaning, with dispersive current eject, the clay of stiffen infiltrates and be developed, reoccupy sponge from go up and next swabbing, water of the final erase that use cloth is slash.

7, when cleaning engine room, the attention does not go to splashing on the spare parts of the electrical system such as coil of ignition distributor, ignition. Can make engine starts not easily otherwise. If do not take care to splash electrical system to go up, application does cloth to wipe, or with compress air to be blown and cover water ignition distributor the moisture rub-up inside.

8, after wash a car or crossing deep water region, because place of apply the brake is soaked, effect of possible apply the brake is reduced, should step on apply the brake gently to judge effect of apply the brake how. The edge answers to step on travel of low speed of edge of apply the brake when apply the brake is abnormal period of time, make brake dry.