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Not only " the skin " shining love car " heart " more need to clean
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The discovery when car of repair in shop is repaired in steam, the person that will wash a car in an endless stream, however of engine clean a project make inquires of rare however person. Say engine is a car " heart " , right " heart " is nursing than be opposite " the skin " it is more important to nurse?

Because the use environment of the car is very complex, after engine uses period of time, the dust that enters engine room and impurity can be formed in engine surface indigestion carbon and colloid wait for harmful material, if do not clear for long, these harmful material are met translate into greasy filth, permeate at engine surface, can cause metallic part not only ageing of rusty, plastic component is out of shape, still meet those who bring engine power reduce the addition with oily bad news, damage because of the generation of all sorts of oxidation even engine.

Because this wants to achieve an oily goal, undertake cleaning to engine regularly very necessary.

Clean engine to be able to ask professional personage to do sth for sb, also can start work by following him operating sequence undertake. Use automobile electric equipment fish trap of plastic film block above all, use gland of half wet towel next at film above, in case high-pressured water develops ignition distributor, bring about a car to be started hard. What the order that presses from the top down by engine flank with high-pressured squirt reachs engine room inside engine appearance is adherent kind of contamination is strong clean; engine next exterior clear lotion sprays equably at engine and engine room periphery. After air makes an appointment with 3 minutes, brush with fiber wool clean engine indoor all components that can touch, develop the contamination that clean scrub drops quickly with high-pressured squirt. Again engine exterior clear lotion sprays at engine surface (operation measure is Alexandrine) . Go round and round, till clean engine appearance clean. Wipe the engine that rinses clean with half wet towel finally, use the local airing that airing machine touchs the hand not easily.