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On automobile body also chairman " fleck " love car is antirust 4 big move
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Close paragraph of time Lhasa and other places appeared weather of sand and dust, and Beijing also is in last week sweep fresh gale, the sand and dust of raise had let a person experience weather of sand blown by wind ahead of schedule. Sand blown by wind is met not only the hair that be all-pervasive ground gets into us and the place such as nose, still can cause to car a few damage, let car surface produce a few small nick for instance, and if these small nick are handled undeserved may send rusty corrode, leave malformation on automobile body " fleck " . Accordingly, antirust problem caused a car again advocate people attention. For this, the reporter consulted the technician of 5 plants of company of Beijing vehicle repair, remind everybody how to prevent car rustily.
Skill little scar of 1 vigilant and fine point
Car lacquer surface often appears rustily, besides common collision, scratch, the small block that the tyre when drive a vehicle plays is hit on lacquer face, also can make lacquer face appears the bit that each flakes, time became long can produce small rusty spot. And because these little scar are in mostly ordinary place, be ignored easily. Accordingly, want to check bodywork regularly at ordinary times, engine hatchcover and automobile body all around, once discovery is about,undertake in time handling to professional hairdressing inn.
Skill 2 check easy seeper frequently to be in humidity
In car travel road, encounter the trouble that Xue Tian enrages rain or road surface of transient and muddy seeper is hard to avoid, a few interstitial place such as automobile body bottom and the part such as the floor inside the car are easy stockpile mud, like the car advocate undertake not in time cleaning, this meeting allows fungus infection of hand or foot be able to conceal. Accordingly, the place such as the mobile place of keyhole of the horn side the bottom to predestined relationship of hub inside and outside, door, boot, door and pluvial brush rocker, want to often undertake checking, should hold door and automobile body at the same time of departmental osculum expedite, check the humidity of the covering inside the car, for instance carpet, prevent floor component to rust.
Face of 3 soft lacquer does skill a glair
The car with more flexible scale of a few lacquer, in process of high speed travel grain of sand blown by wind is hit on automobile body to cause petty nick likely also. To this kind of car, can hit a glair to automobile body, it can form meshy firm diaphragm, raise the hardness of lacquer face, the effect can maintain a year or so. And plated film also can reach similar action. Additional, to car bottom can undertake chassis armor perhaps seals model, can protect chassis so acid-proof rain, anticorrosion, make original covering layer not easy and weather-shack, fall off, still can prevent scree is right among travel of chassis bump.
Skill 4 had better not overspread car garment
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