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The ego of car interior is clean
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Want to master certain skill only actually, the cleaner inside the car makes every car advocate can be competent. What from above to below should abide by commonly when cleanness is ordinal, arrive from top sail namely dashboard, arrive from seat carpet. The clean accumulate over a long period of sail supports inside, sail of the top inside the car often is met stockpile is very much not quite conspicuous dirt, make of roof dusky saying going out is clean still is dirty. Clean method is to use high-power aspiration canal and brush to undertake the cleanness of large area first normally, emphasize clean bilge with neuter catharsis fluid next, undertake comprehensive cleanness again finally. But what must notice is a filler inside sail it is spoke heat sound-absorbing material is qualitative, the capability of imbibe is strong, a bit a few drier rag must be used when cleanness, can make scour soaks roof material otherwise.

The clean dashboard of dashboard is every car advocate the position that should face directly, its clean level is right car advocate the impact is the biggest. But, because the structure of dashboard is complex, all sorts of appearance and receive button more, it is more difficult that cleanness rises. Notice dashboard can discover a little, use dishcloth or foam rubber or plastic only can clean place is very few, but if can abstain tool of a few appropriative in the light of specific place,these problems are met be readily solved.

Because seat occupied major area inside the car, and the as most as human body contact, directest, touch dirty stuff to be able to make a person very sick. For the seat of dermal to be not fabrics, if not be very dirty, can cooperate the cleaner with long hair brush and strong attraction to use, brush seat surface to suck contamination with cleaner at the same time at the same time, such result will be very right, and efficiency is quite tall also. If seat is special dirty, cleanness rises to be done not have so simple, toward contact need undertakes ability of a few measure is cleaned clean thoroughly. Above all: The brush that use wool is cleaned dirtier local, for instance bigger spot, bilge. Touch with clean dishcloth next a few neuter catharsis fluid, doing half wet condition to fall partly, wipe seat surface in the round. Particularly notable is dishcloth must be twisted work, in the sponge with seat of waterproof cent infiltration, make seat not easy and dry, return easy and new adsorptive dirt at the same time. Final reoccupy cleaner is clean to seat one, rise in order to make its use up fast dry bright. If pursue save trouble, and still want to maintain seat cleanness, the simplest and effective method is the seating that has two cloth pledge, change at any time clean. But this method is can consider a watch to disregard only in, if do not undertake complete cleanness for long, the soft sponge damping material inside seat will absorb a lot of moisture, and very dirty.


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